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Rockets fans are average at grammar. Jazz, Blazers, Mavericks and Clippers fans are bad.

We did so much gooder than them.

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Grammarly does this new cool thing were it analyzes SB Nation's fan comments for grammar mistakes (mean, huh?). Rockets fans make 4.12 mistakes per 100 words. This is basically right in the middle of the wolfpack at 14 out of 30.

Congrats, you made the playoffs.

Courtesy of Grammarly

Courtesy of Grammarly

Obviously the Minnesota Timberwolves fans cheated. Or the team only has one fan and he/she went to Harvard. Both cases are extremely likely. Memphis, why are you even in the Western Conference? Take a look at a map. Boston, all of those Ivy League schools and you couldn't do better than Charlotte? Utah, what happened?

Sure, you as a commentariat rank just about average. But nothing should delight Rockets fans more than seeing fans of the Clippers, Mavericks, Blazers and Jazz all in the bottom 8 of the rankings. That's enough to give you the warm and fuzzies. And make you want to double-check that subject-verb agreement.