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Three takeaways from the Rockets overtime win over the Knicks

The Rockets winners of two in a row after a thrilling overtime win, what are the takeaways from the win?

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The Rockets win back to back games after a 116 to 111 win in overtime against the Knicks. The Rockets looked like they were once again on their way to another disappointing loss when trailing by 13 at the half, but they would kick into gear to outscore the Knicks in the final two-quarters before tying the game with 32 seconds left.

The game remained a nail bitter in overtime till a Trevor Ariza three with a just over a minute left. The defense would shore up and hold on to secure the win.

Below are three takeaways from the win

The Twin Towers offense: Yes, please

I saw glimpses of a really special connection between Dwight Howard and Clint Capela that I only hope will improve.

Howard when in the lane under the basket would pass to Capela who was cutting to the rim. The connection worked once, and I want to say the duo tried it three times. The more and more they play together the more and more comfortable they will get with each other. By the end of the season, this little move could be like clockwork.

So the Rockets can win without 40 from James Harden

On Sunday night, James Harden scored 26 points and was let's just say, not efficient overall scoring.

So how could the Rockets win a game if Harden didn't score 40? For one of the very few times, all season the bench came through. Yay!

The bench poured in 35 points thanks to Marcus Thornton going off for 18 points, including catching fire in the fourth with 11 points.

While it was pretty much a lone wolf effort by Thornton in the fourth, if you are going to win games where Harden isn't superhuman you need others contributing. Last year it was Corey Brewer and Josh Smith, this year there hasn't been a go-to guy, but maybe it could be Thornton.

The Knicks were just on FIRE

I will concede at times the Rockets did leave Arron Afflalo and Kevin Seraphin wide open, but I think you live with them taking nearly 30 shots between the two of them.

The defense should have rotated and closed out a lot tighter but, Afflalo was unconscious, even later in the game when James Harden was guarding him fairly decently. Sometimes the shot is just better than the defense.

What you can not accept is Kristaps Porzingis skying over people for putback shots, BOX HIM OUT. Some things are unavoidable but don't give up the easiest bucket on the court. *Side note* Porzingis is going to be very good!

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