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Game Thread: Rockets at Pistons

Dwight Howard is playing two nights in a row for the first time this season to hopefully boost the Rockets in Detroit.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets head to Detroit tonight for the second game of a back-to-back. They look to win their third consecutive game, which would be their longest streak of the season so far, get to above .500 in the J.B. Bickerstaff era (they're currently 3-3), and get to within two games of .500 overall (they currently sit at 7-10).

The Rockets should get a boost from Dwight Howard, who has been officially cleared for back-to-backs, though it's unknown how many minutes he'll be allowed to play after he played 30 in last night's overtime win over the Knicks.

Things to look for tonight are if Patrick Beverley can continue his spirited play with the first unit, if Corey Brewer and Ty Lawson can get any minutes of note with the team likely fatigued from the late tilt yesterday, and if Howard and Clint Capela can keep Andre Drummond and his league-leading 17.2 rebounds per game off of the glass.

This is a winnable game against an 8-9 Pistons squad before the team heads back home to Houston. But if we've learned anything from this season's version of the Rockets, it's that they're all losable games as well. Hopefully, it finishes as the former.