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Rockets James Harden and Dwight Howard climb a mountain in TNT 'The Quest' promotion

Is the Larry O'Brien Trophy found through The Pass of Caradhras?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers here in the desert and the Clippers were at sea. It's the Rockets' turn this time, as James Harden and Dwight Howard carry a rocket (one that looks exactly like the 90's cartoon rocket) up a mountain with D. L. Hughley for some reason in their 'quest' to get the NBA Championship.

Of course, Hugely makes a joke about the Harden's beard. Dwight shows off his strength. But why exactly is the team from humid Houston in the snowy, white north? All this makes me think of scenes from Lord of the Rings:

Maybe the Rockets have to find their way through the mountain pass to get to mount doom -- which I assume is Staples Center or something.

The Rockets play their first game on TNT on December 17 against the Lakers.