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Dwight Howard is out, but the Rockets will play on

I guess with no Boogie, McHale figured no Dwight is OK

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets are winless so far this year when Dwight Howard has been on the bench. They'll try to snap that streak tonight, at 9:30 p.m. CT, against the Sacramento Kings on ESPN.

You can see Kevin McHale's logic here. Dwight was worked hard on Wednesday, going for 23 and 14 against the Magic. The Rockets play a back-to-back, and tomorrow's game against DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers seems like a much more important matchup. Also, DeMarcus Cousins isn't playing for the Kings. So Clint Capela might actually be the best center on the floor.

With a win tonight, the Rockets are 3-3 and it's basically a 76-game season, back to square one. Except Patrick Beverley has a concussion, Terrence Jones has a cut on his eyelid that won't go away, Corey Brewer is nursing a quad injury and no one knows when Donatas Motiejunas is coming back. So, you know, the typical start to a Rockets season these days.