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Three takeaways from the Rockets win over the Lakers

Dunk the ball and other takeaways from the Rockets win over the Lakers

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets win, again. I feel like I have been writing that an awful lot lately which is great. The Rockets beat and destroy the Lakers 126 to 97. The Rockets jumped out to an early lead and pretty much coasted for three-quarters until really turning it on in the fourth and putting it way out of reach.

The Lakers tried to make mini-runs during the game thanks to different guys heating up but each time the Lakers got near the "danger zone" the Rockets would put the pedal back on the metal.

Below are three takeaways from the win:

Dunk. The. Ball.

This is a takeaway from nearly every game but man it really struck a nerve with me Saturday night. Terrence Jones, you are 6'8-6'9 why on earth do you refuse to dunk the ball, then when you do dunk the ball it's a pretty great dunk. But eight times out of 10 Jones would rather lay the ball in then dunk it.

Reasons to dunk the ball:

  1. It's awesome
  2. Less of a chance you get it blocked
  3. Even if you get in blocked more times than naught it is because someone fouled you and you get to shoot free throws.

Against the Lakers, I counted a handful of times Jones could have dunked the ball but instead tried to lay it in and it was a missed shot. One possession, he was right under the hoop and it was a tough angle, another he was going up for a dunk but the defender came strong and he readjusted and went for the lay in. I agree those are a little tougher to dunk, but more often than not he does not go for the power slam and it hurts my heart.

Laker fans, er Kobe fans, er bandwagon fans are annoying as hell!

The bandwagon nation showed out strong on Saturday night. Kobe Bryant was cheered and chanted for like this was a home game in L.A. This is H-Town, where did all these fans come from? I guess these are the same fans that in a few weeks will be Cavs fans when LeBron comes to town.

While the Rockets players downplayed the fact Kobe was getting cheered. It was sad to see another fan base take over the arena.

Greatness is greatness I understand and maybe you cheer as he gets to the court and then when the game is over. A little thank you for the memories. But it was nearly every possession Kobe touched the ball, it was awful to see. *Speaking as a fan of the Rockets team*

The student and the master

Bryant the black mamba and Harden the beard squared off for one of the last times ever.

Bryant has not looked like his old self very much this season, but for a good chunk of the game, Byrant was outstanding. Byrant was dishing out assists all over the court and even had a stretch in the game where he was hotter then my imaginary prom date (and she was H-O-T), scoring 25 points between the second and third quarters.

Harden, a fan of the Mamba's growing up, paid homage to Kobe wearing his shoe from back in day when Bryant was with Adidas. The beard got the better of Mamba on this night. Not because Harden was so much better (had four more points than Kobe) but because he had the better team.

There were a few stretches during the game when Harden and Byrant were going off at the same time and it was really special to watch. At one point I even thought it might be so much more fun just to see Harden and Kobe finish the game going one-on-one.

Post-game both guys complimented the other, and while Harden looked up to Kobe growing up, Bean is pretty happy at the way Harden has evolved as a player.

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