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Rockets vs. Kings Game Thread: Boogie vs. Dwight

With Rajon Rondo suspended, it's all about the big men inside.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Houston Rockets went to Denver, but they left their defense at home like its name was Kevin McAllister. Now they have to hope it caught a connecting flight or something, because they're in Sacramento now for the back end of a road back-to-back, and DeMarcus Cousins is waiting for them.

You may think the Rockets are catching a bit of a break with Rajon Rondo suspended for hurling homophobic slurs at referee Bill Kennedy, but he actually has made the Kings a bit worse, according to his on/off statistics. Backup point guard Darren Collison is no slouch, and the Kings are at full strength otherwise. Sacramento is not a team to be overlooked, no matter what their record is.

So, who thinks the Rockets will show up tonight? I'm not sure.