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Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Lakers game preview

The Rockets will try to not underwhelm tonight when they take on the Los Angeles Lakers on TNT.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets head to Los Angeles to take on the Lakers on national television. The game will be largely ignored. Understandably.

The Rockets are a mess right now. Every game involves at least one of three things:

1. The Rockets cannot score, especially during one long stretch that dooms them.

2. The Rockets cannot defend. At all.

3. The Rockets stare at James Harden as he tries to do everything, usually resulting in turnovers or bad jump shots (see number 1)

In fact, there's usually a combination of the 3. Actually, 3 leads to 1, which then leads to 2 by frustration.

So yeah, watching the Rockets has been nigh impossible without wanting to yell at the screen or throw everything. The Rockets were deservedly in the Western Conference Finals last season. Now they've gone and deservedly taken themselves out the conversation for a team that could do anything except barely squeak into the playoffs and then get run over by the Warriors or Spurs.

But to try to keep this from being the saddest preview of all-time, let's remember that tonight we get Dwight Howard in Los Angeles! It's time to bust this video out once again.

Tip-off is at 9:30pm CST on TNT.

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