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The Rockets' All-Star vote campaign includes puppies and Kanye West

Why is James Harden going to second base with that puppy, you ask? Well, nobody really knows.

Well, it looks like Dwight Howard now has some puppies to add to his collection of children and snakes.

The Rockets have enlisted the help of a variety of puppies to help secure All-Star Game votes, calling it the "Bark the Vote" campaign. Now seems like a good time to remind you that the guy who made the emoji joke about shooting a horse got fired.

The center of the advertising campaign is the two Rockets All-Star hopefuls, James Harden, and Dwight Howard, making kissy faces with baby Cliffords. And, to juxtapose the already-ridiculous premise that puppies are more likely to earn Harden and Howard All-Star votes, they shot videos in slow-motion with hype jams from Kanye West and the Black Keys.

We have exclusively obtained some footage of Dwight Howard after the photoshoot.