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Kobe dunks on Clint Capela, Dwight Howard reacts with a lot of maturity

This is the last time Kobe will dunk on Clint Capela and Dwight will react with a lack of maturity. Cue, an emotional Kelly Clarkson song.

Kobe Bryant is on his last ride at Disneyland. As a result, everything he does is the best thing he's ever done. It doesn't matter that the Lakers have lost more games than the Warriors have won, it's still better than when he won a championship and then told Shaq he was a big, fat, goofy, butthead. Ok, fine. He didn't actually done that. Actually, on second thought, he probably did.

During the Rockets/Lakers game, Bryant dunked on Clint Capela. And, nobody loved it more than Dwight Howard. His teammate. Legally, you aren't supposed to laugh at a teammate when this happens.

Disclosure: We knew Dwight was a tiny bit immature before we gave him $22.36 million per year.