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Ty Lawson has reportedly been suspended for two games for his 2014 DUI

Took Adam Silver long enough.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Ty Lawson hasn't been the meaningful contributor to the Houston Rockets many thought he'd be, and now it looks like he'll be marginalized even more, with the news that he will be suspended dropping today:

Remember when the Rockets traded for Lawson, and there were concerns that discipline from his drinking problems would hurt the team? Well, that was back when we thought he would be a more meaningful contributor. In reality, we don't know if his drinking is the result of his puzzlingly lackluster start to the season, but as it stands now, losing him for two games isn't that big of a blow.

Although it should be said that the "plans to" in Wojnarowski's tweet has some meaning here. Even if/when the suspension becomes official, Lawson could appeal it. Although, our guess is that Lawson will do his best to downplay his past and move on, and just take his medicine and sit the two games to do so. Once it becomes official, then we'll know which two games Ty will miss.