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Ty Lawson's recent play has been a silver lining in Rockets' woes

The Rockets may not be winning like we'd like but there is a bright spot.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

If there is any good new from the Rockets current stretch, it's that Ty Lawson is has become Ty Lawson again.

For so long Lawson had been trying to find himself in this offense, but since the two-game suspension, Lawson has returned and been a valued addition.

Lawson has played in four games since the suspension and has been on fire, shooting over 50 percent from the floor, not to mention handing out assists all over the place. Lawson has been aggressively getting into the paint and finding open shooters, and the backup point guard has also been assertive at times, looking for his shot and his offense.

The Dream Shake spoke with Ty after the game to ask his if this is the most comfortable he's felt with the Rockets..

"I think so," he told us. "Just being aggressive, getting to the basket, shooting my pull-up mid-range (jumper). Just being aggressive, that's what I think what's making it a little bit easier transition."

During his suspension, Lawson spent time watching film. Unlike earlier in the season when he said he watched his old highlights, it seems, this time, he found himself. He found a way to play in the system the Rockets run.

The Lawson from the first 26 games is drastically different from the Lawson of the last four. In the first 26, Lawson was averaging 5.8 points and 3.9 assists a game

In the last four games, he's 9.5 points and 4.3 assists a game.

Lawson in the past four games is out doing the what he did in the first 26 when he spent a decent chunk of it as a starter.

During a recent Root Sports broadcast, Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy mentioned he thinks Lawson should still be starting. Whether Lawson should be starting or if he will start again in the future — I personally like Patrick Beverley starting the game and Lawson off the bench, it's like a football team with a change of pace running back — this Lawson has found a seem to found a groove.

Lawson has taken charge of the second unit and been a scoring punch for the team when James Harden is not on the floor.

With this new version of Lawson, the Rockets are still trying to figure out how to utilize him best. But while they are still trying to deploy him the right way, the good news is when Lawson's on the floor, the Rockets are scoring and playing faster. More Lawson is not a bad thing of late.

Josh Reese