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Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors game preview

The Rockets play a Golden State Warriors team that lost its second game last night.

2015 was great. Now comes 2016.
2015 was great. Now comes 2016.
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I had a whole thing written, and then Steph Curry got leg soreness and is questionable for this game after missing the Dubs' 114-91 drubbing at the hands of the Mavericks.

If Curry doesn't play tonight, it will be easy for pundits to say that Houston should have a cakewalk, but we know better. After blowing big leads and late leads in their last two games, the Rockets have proven that no lead and therefore no game is safe. The disappointment is real in Houston, and judging by the Rockets fans I've spoken too they're getting tired of the Rockets saying the right things but refusing to perform at the necessary level.

What's more, Curry's absence isn't going to make James Harden's life easier since Curry and Harden don't really match up. And I think the world where Harden tries to take on the Warriors by himself is not far from this one.

Additionally, doesn't it just suck that Dallas got the Curry-less Warriors? If Curry plays today, the Dubs are a cinch to win and that Dallas win, which had zero chance of happening organically, gives Dallas a HUGE win that other West teams cannot seem to get. Basically, I'm wondering if this one game might swing the seeding in the Western Conference when all is said and done.

Finally, since it's the last game of 2015 and it's my birthday I'm going to think of the better times. So here I'll post my favorite moment of last season, told through the tweets of yours truly and then wrapped up by one of the best voices in the business (and the also great Joel Blank). Like a lot of fans watching the Western Conference semi-finals, I stopped watching when the Rockets went down 19 in Game 6 and tweeted:

So I turned off the game. The Rockets were getting stomped again in Los Angeles. I wasn't going to subject myself to that pain if it wasn't required.

Then I started getting texts and tweets telling me to turn the game back on. Houston was down 3 with 5:25 left. To say I was a bit surprised is an understatement.

A minute later, Houston tied the game and then improbably got the lead on a (now impossible to imagine) Corey Brewer 3-pointer. The Rockets had life. The Clippers looked lifeless. It was incredible, but I wasn't ready to call it yet. I have too much Houston fan in me.

And then came the reason for the Craig Ackerman call in the video below. I had listened for two-and-a-half quarter to Jon Barry verbally fellate the Clippers and then he suddenly seemed like a cowed child as his beloved Clips started to wither.

Another minute later, it hit me. The Rockets were going to win. Like, for real. There would be a Game 7. Houston had fought back.

A couple minutes later when it was official, I become a babbling mess. My friend Sam and I spoke later that night and I'm sure the poor guy couldn't understand a single word that I said. Luckily, I have an unofficial transcript of the conversation here.

Sam: ARMIN!!!!!!!

Me: (crying uncontrollably)

Sam: Are you okay?

Me: I'm fine (sobs loudly). It's just that I neverthoughtandthenwewonandI'msohappy!

Sam: I have no clue what you're saying, but it sounds like you know what happened.

Armin: (tears and laughter combine into a sound that most closely resembles my brothers' reaction to seeing a cockroach)

Sam: Are you okay

Armin: We...won.

I didn't sleep that night. I know people say that and they mean that they didn't sleep well or they tossed and turned. No, I didn't sleep at all. I didn't even try because I knew it was futile.

So here's the best moment of 2015 for your viewing and listening pleasure.

2015 hasn't ended well, but it sure had some great moments. I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for us. As always, it has been a pleasure so far this season interacting with you and I know the same will be true for 2016.

Happy New Year!

Tip-off is earlier than normal at 6pm CST.

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