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Rockets vs. Nets game thread: Saddest. Revenge game. Ever.

The Rockets gave the Nets their first win of the season. Remember that?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

OK, so to get this out of the way: the Nets have been much, much better since they got their first win of the season on the Toyota Center floor last month. AK ran over how much of a turning point that game was in his wonderful (as always) game preview.

The fact is, the Rockets haven't really had much of a test as they've found themselves slowly recovering their form. The Nets pushed Golden State twice before the Warriors ultimately pulled away. But the Rockets need to swat this team away.

Dwight Howard and Clint Capela have found something together in the starting lineup. Ty Lawson has found something on the bench. The Rockets have found Donatas Motiejunas (briefly) and will see how much of an advantage he can provide them (we're guessing it's a lot before too long). Pat Beverley and Trevor Ariza have found their stroke.

The Rockets are fresh thanks to a couple of days off. This is the perfect time to get even more comfortable with the idea of taking care of business.