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Patrick Beverley wins the Skills Challenge, somehow


Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Like everyone predicted when Patrick Beverley replaced John Wall in the Skills Competition bracket, Mr. 94 Feet went and won the whole dang thing. He took out Isaiah Thomas, Jeff Teague and Brandon Knight in succession to win a $30,000 scholarship for some kid.

In the first round, Beverley and Thomas both failed to hit their three-point shots at the end, and Beverley used a little Knockout-style chicanery to get in his layup first. That prompted a confusingly-decorated Anthony Davis to look at Beverley like this:

In the second round, Pat upset the favored (by me) Teague after missing his first two passes, and waving in front of Teague's face as they passed each other. Teague missed his first two three-point shots, and Beverley snuck over to Teague's side, stole his last ball and made his three-pointer. It was a supreme troll move, and I was shocked he wasn't disqualified for obstructing Teague.

It was also hilarious.

In the final round, Beverley again missed two passes, but Brandon Knight also missed his first two three-pointers, and Patrick Beverley, world-renowned sharpshooter, nailed it first time to take the crown.

The head-to-head format definitely made the competition more enjoyable - more trash-talking, more shenanigans, more variety. I'd expect it to stick around.

Patrick Beverley, you are officially the most skilled player in the league, by law. Don't let it go to your head.