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The Sports Poet: Three-Headed Beast

An ode to a few Root Sports broadcasters by the names of Matt, Bill and Clyde

You are a three-headed beast

Keenly observing the court

Matt, Bill and Clyde

Some facts you can't distort.

"Well that sure looked like a foul!"

No, Bill, it didn't.

"Nothin' but net!" he howls

Alright, Clyde, we get it.

"Well when I played on..."

The Rockets?  Trust us, Matt. We know

You were no Hakeem

It never hurt your ego.

And now you sit

Between old, and older

Clyde's no longer fit

Bill's claims have grown bolder

"He's like a young Karl Malone!"

Yo chill, that's Derrick Favors.

Two of them were pretty good players

All three are terrible commentators.