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Rockets vs. Clippers game thread: It's time to beat these guys

Please, please win

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets already got swept by the Warriors this year and it sucked. The Warriors are the class of the NBA, though, so it's at least understandable.

The Clippers, for whatever reason, give the Rockets heaps of trouble. The Rockets are a better team than the Clippers. They have a better record than the Clippers, more depth and a better defense. I don't know why this team is so tough for James Harden to score against, and without an effective Beard, the Rockets are a much worse team (duh).

So, even though the Rockets don't have Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan is making mincemeat of the NBA's front lines of late, I still think the Rockets should win this game, if for no other reason than I really, really, really want them to.