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Rockets vs. Jazz game thread: Getting past the Stifle Tower

Wait, the Jazz are good now?

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Of course.

Of course the Jazz used a No. 3 pick on a big man who didn't pan out, and then luck into potentially the most revolutionary defensive player in the league this side of Roy Hibbert as a late-first-round European project. Of course, just when the Rockets need the Jazz to start sucking -- Houston plays them again in the last game of the season -- the Jazz start playing well.

Not just "well for the Jazz," either. With Gobert in the starting lineup, they've been the best defensive team in the league. Head coach Quin Snyder looks disturbingly competent. Of all the teams who have tanked the past few years, this is one of the best-positioned teams for improvement next year.

Which is why we have to crush them. The Rockets attack the rim at will, which will be difficult with Gobert there. They have to have crisp ball movement so they can draw him out of the paint and attack before he can recover. Or to get an open shooter.

Last night freaking sucked. We couldn't even get a recap up about the game because the staff was frankly too upset. Here's hoping tonight is better.