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Rockets Rise & Fall In Power Rankings

This week's power rankings define arbitrary.

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Team, this is a late post. Hopefully we can all still reflect on the weekly power ranking standings. These rankings do not reflect the losses against the Portland Trail Blazers and Utah Jazz.

Nobody really knows hat went on this week. The Rockets went 2-2 in the previous week with loses to two Western Conference playoff teams and two clean up wins. SB Nation, Yahoo!, USA Today and ESPN were all... 'It's cool they went on a big win streak before losing and dropped games to playoff teams."

CBS Sports was two weeks behind and wildly boosted the Rockets to make up for their previous incorrect evaluations.

Sports Illustrated, from the waiting room of a Sport Clips, was all... OMG everything is going wrong. Those Dwight Howard-less guys are forever in trouble.

None of these opinions stopped the earth from rotating around the sun, despite the lack of correlation or congruence or other smart synonym.

Here's what happened in the national power rankings:





ESPN 5 -1 3/9
SB Nation 4 0 3/9
Yahoo! 3 0 3/9
USA Today 4 0 3/8
CBS Sports 3 +4 3/9
SI 7 -3 3/9

Since we're late to the game on these rankings. Let's all agree the Rockets are going to take a serious hit next week after dropping contests to the Trail Blazers and Jazz.

As of publication the Rockets retain second place in the Southwest Division, but we've fallen in the Western Conference to fourth. This ends a month and a half-long straddle of third place.

Memphis Grizzlies 45-20 0
Houston Rockets 43-22 2.0
San Antonio Spurs 40-23 4.0
Dallas Mavericks 41-25 4.5
New Orleans Pelicans 36-29 9.0