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Eight videos from Rockets-Cavaliers

The Houston Rockets showed the streaking Cleveland Cavaliers they have the grit required to win a playoff series. James Harden did some cooking and LeBron James missed some free throws.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The hard-nosed Rockets win over the Cavaliers in overtime delighted a national TV audience, ignited the Harden for MVP conversation and arguably crashed the SB Nation servers for most of today.

If you missed the game, here are eight great videos from the instant classic.

LeBron James landed a chase down block on James Harden. This happened twice.

In the third quarter, things got friendly. Patrick Beverley went full irritant on LeBron James resulting in a "let me up" - "bro, I have to hold you down to get up" - "I'm going to rage until you let me up" - "Mozgov, get in here" moment.

James Harden did some cooking after drilling a three.

If you didn't hear yet, James Harden kicked LeBron James in the groin.

Late in the fourth LeBron James drew the defensive assignment on James Harden. Harden adapted to defensive assignment by landing a wicked crossover leaving LeBron in the dust:

Later in the fourth, James Harden rattles home a chest-thumping left handed finish. An MVP finish.

LeBron continued to draw the defensive assignment on James Harden. With a minute left on the clock Harden went at James, caused contact and... and... and... the referees swallowed their whistles. James Harden, LeBron James and even Kevin Love (in the background) all expected a whistle and halted. The game apparently continued.

The current takeaway from the game. Down by one point with just seconds left on the clock, LeBron James missed two consecutive free throws.

It all led to this Instagram.