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"Google It" Six Best Moments From Vernon Maxwell's Interview

Vernon Maxwell dropped 10 minutes of truth in his return to Houston after a self-imposed 20 year exile. Here's the six best moments from his interview.

Houston Chronicle

Vernon Maxwell got a reaction out of everyone.

Maxwell delivered moments of ecstasy for Houston Rockets fans, caused opposing players to bristle and surely made a few sportswriters grab a thesaurus in search of words to describe his perpetual highs and lows.

On Thursday Maxwell returned to Houston after a 20 year self-imposed exile at 50 years old in a dapper bow tie. He delivered an impressively candid interview for 10 minutes that 90's Rockets fans should consider a must watch.

If you don't have the time to watch all 10 minutes then...

Here's the best six quotes from "Mad Max":

"I handled it the wrong way. Now that I've thought about it and everything that went down. I shouldn't of left the way I left. I got upset because they brought Clyde in. Nobody ever said anything to me about the trade." Vernon Maxwell

Maxwell was an integral part of the Rockets 1994 title, a gritty playoff run that made the most of his enforcer talents and three point shooting. In the following season Maxwell spun himself off the Rockets while battling a fit of Clyde Drexler jealously. Maxwell was already on the outs with the Rockets after he committed a precursor to the Malice At The Palace by going into the stands after a heckler in Portland.

"First game in Utah I really didn't play and I felt disrespected. Me playing five minutes. Then Rudy T putting me in the game to hit the game winning shot... I just felt a certain way... Overreacted like I normally do. Bad decision. Wish it wouldn't have happened." Vernon Maxwell

Maxwell and the Rockets parted ways in the first round of the 1995 NBA playoffs. In game one of the series Maxwell played a paltry five minutes and missed a game winning three pointer on a play drawn up by Rudy T (video is here).

It took 20 years, but there's the admission. Maxwell overreacted, made a bad decision and found himself with a one way ticket off a championship team.

"As far as Houston Texas. I said I would never ever go to Houston Texas ever again." Vernon Maxwell
With the exception of some future NBA ventures Maxwell stayed true to his pledge. His self-imposed exile lasted 20 years.
"I love James Harden. Wow. Knows how to score, crafty, high IQ. I love his game... It would be easy to play with James Harden." Vernon Maxwell
Vernon Maxwell or Trevor Ariza? Maxwell later went on to say he couldn't play in this NBA. He wouldn't be able to get away with his physical brand of defense.
"I know I did. (Michael Jordan) used to talk to me all the time during the games. Awww Max don't. Just what the media want to see let's not do this... I knew I was under his skin." Vernon Maxwell
What Maxwell did best... getting a reaction out of his opponents. Maxwell didn't shutdown Michael Jordan, but whenever MJ was on the court defenders were playing a game of containment.
"Just Google the times we played them. They couldn't beat us. Like we couldn't beat Seattle. If we could get past Seattle we get the championship. We'd knock Chicago off." Vernon Maxwell
Hearing a retired NBA player instruct their haters to "Google It" just makes me happy. The fact it's highly volatile Vernon Maxwell gives me a ton of joy. There's no proof Houston was Chicago's Kryptonite. But Maxwell is spot on about Seattle being Houston's biggest playoff impediment.

Watch the video here: