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Rockets vs. Mavericks Game Thread: The big boys are back

Well, not ALL of them.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's the rivalry game tonight, with a lot to play for besides just bragging rights.

As it stands now, the Rockets are tied with Memphis for the 2-seed in the West in terms of win-loss record, but behind on tiebreakers. The Mavericks look close to locked into the 7-seed. Since the Mavericks aren't nearly as good as the Clippers or Spurs right now (both of whom could wind up in the 6-seed), getting that 2-seed is a huge deal for Houston's chances at advancing.

And so it happens that if the Rockets want a better shot at facing the Mavericks in the playoffs, they have to beat them tonight. Dwight Howard and Terrence Jones look like they will share the court for the first time since...wait, that can't be right. Since November 3rd, the fourth game of the season?!

This is a big game to get, so let's go get it.