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Chandler Parsons reportedly out for the remainder of the first round

Former Rocket Chandler Parsons' playoff season may already be over.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Chandler Parsons missed the Mavericks' final six games of the regular season with a knee injury. The former Rocket returned to the starting lineup in game one of the NBA playoffs against Houston. Parsons left the floor for a time due to the knee injury, but labored through 37 minutes of playing time in game one.

The swelling in Parsons knee returned the following day, and Parsons was inactive for game two. Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski is now reporting that Parsons will be out for the remainder of round one:

Dallas is spiraling, losing Chandler Parsons to a knee injury that will make his return in this first-round series impossible, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Parsons wasn't the same player, limping much of game one and unable to make an impact on game on either side of the ball. The Mavericks hope to have Devin Harris, who was inactive for game two with a toe injury, back for Game 3. If not, Dallas could simply loss this series by attrition. Losing Parsons, Harris, and a willing Rajon Rondo are too much to overcome.

For the Rockets, this levels the playing field in a way. The Rockets are without their starting point guard Patrick Beverley and forward Donatas Motiejunas. Beverley suffered a wrist injury and hopes to be back if the Rockets reach the conference finals. Montiejunas had back surgery in the final week of the season.

Game three between the Rockets and Mavericks is on Friday in Dallas at 6:00 p.m. CT. The Rockets lead 2-0.