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Songs About Houston - General Playoffs Thread

Another day waiting to see if DunkFest II gets off the ground, so let's talk playoffs, and songs about Houston. I'll go first.

Just two old friends, playing some hoops.
Just two old friends, playing some hoops.
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

So the NBA Playoffs turned a little more fun last night with the apparently unkillable Spurs taking game two in Los Angeles.  Since Steve Balmer bought the LA Clippers I've been waiting for him to go back to his Mr Softy roots and do the natural thing - make this guy their mascot.

That's right.  Clippy The Clipper is sad.  Sad that they lost a very winnable game against Dracula the Spurs.

Now we're going to see if New Orleans can take a game from The Anointed Ones tonight in NOLA.  We can only hope this will happen.  New Orleans came close, but faltered when somehow 46 minutes of basketball tired Anthony Davis a bit.

Also we get to see Milwaukee look lost and athletic against the Bulls and the Celtics overachieve and lose to the Cavs.  That game might be fun though, because Brad Stevens really does seem like an excellent coach, and Boston reminds me of those 42-40 Adelman Rockets team - a starting unit that honestly should be the best bench in the NBA, coaxed into decency by super clever schemes.  In the East, that's playoff worthy.  In the West that's #14 pick worthy.

So while you're discussing THE 2015 NBA PLAYOFFS - NON ROCKETS SECTION, why not post some songs about Houston?

I'll get you started.  The first one comes with a quiz.  Who is the only person to be governor of two states, senator of two states and head of a sovereign nation?

You're damn right.  The namesake of Houston, the Raven, Sam Houston.  Truly, a Homeric figure you should read up on sometime, if you haven't.

The namesake of the largest city in Texas is really ineffably, inarguably, better than that of Dallas. Dallas was originally called Bryan's Bluff, or Bird's Fort.  No one knows who exactly the Dallas in Dallas even is.  Could be an undistinguished Vice President, could be a naval officer, could be someone else. Could be from a town naming contest, like the one that brought us the Toronto Raptors. In any case, it is no Raven, or even particularly close.  All these name changes and murky origins suggest something about the character of the place, perhaps.

So this version of the song has some great jokes about Texas, but the sound quality is lowish. This is a bit better sound. "It's one thing to be smarter than the beast, but can you outrun it?"

Then there's a song about that most Houstonian of all Houston roads.

There areton more that reference the town.  I don't know the rap stuff nearly as well as other of you do, or Beyonce, for that matter. (Every word is a song, most are on my iTunes (yay me). Wow, just found a Chronicle article with most of these, and some more - surprising.)

What do you have?