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Top 5 stories on the Houston Rockets this week

The Rockets are up 2-0 so there's lots of good stuff to talk about.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

1. Bleacher Report's Jared Zwerling had a long, in-depth conversation and profile of Dwight Howard. It's a fascinating read.

2. If you haven't already read Sean Pendergast's exhaustive oral history of the 1995 NBA Champion Rockets for the Houston Press, I'm not sure what you're doing on a Rockets web site. Rectify that immediately.

3. The Post Game has a long Q&A with Rockets head trainer Jason Biles. A nice behind-the-scenes piece, including the KT tape James Harden has on his shoulder.

4. We're going 2-for-1 in excellent TDS writing. Two new contributors for this year, Jake Garcia and Alykhan Bijani, did separate film analyses of what made Josh Smith so effective against the Mavericks in Game 2. Reading these guys makes you a smarter fan.

5. Full disclosure: I've played pickup basketball with Mavs Moneyball writer and he's a good dude and a great passer. His piece on the lost dream of another Mavericks title, the inevitability of their loss to the Rockets this series and enjoying a team for what it is was terrific.


6. Completely unrecognizable The Dream Shake staff writer Matt Rothstein wrote a long piece about why James Harden should be the MVP in his new gig at UPROXX sports. Don't worry, he's still a TDS staffer, but he's spreading the gospel, y'all.