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Rockets vs. Mavericks game thread, in which 3-0 is a real thing that could happen

It's time to talk about a sweep.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

It's weird to have this conversation, and definitely premature, but it's time to discuss the real possibility of the Houston Rockets sweeping the Dallas Mavericks.

The Rockets played a generally uninspiring game in Game 2, and won by 10 points. James Harden has yet to turn it on in this series, and the Mavericks haven't threatened. Their second-best offensive creator, Chandler Parsons, is out. Dirk Nowitzki would be a turnstile on defense, but a turnstile at least makes you wait for a second before going through to make sure it's not going to lock up and nail you in the nuts.

Plus, Rajon Rondo. Whether he's playing or not, his presence is not helping Dallas this series.

So here the Rockets are, up 2-0 in a series where the opposing fans have completely given up hope. The last time the Rockets swept anyone, it was April 1997 and a best-of-five series against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

June will be the 20th anniversary of the last time the Rockets swept a seven-game series. The series ended after that Game 4, and the Rockets completed the second of their incredible title runs.

Tonight, the Rockets have a chance to go up 3-0, and Sunday could be the last gasp of the first round. I think the Rockets win both games, but I am a foolish Rockets fan who has learned nothing from 20 years of heartbreak.