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NBA Game Thread for April 30, 2015

Use this thread to discuss tonight's playoff games.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Chrive mentioned that users may want a game thread for other games so they aren't discussing other games in recaps, etc. That's a great idea. I used to throw these up a few years ago but I stopped. Because laziness.

Anyway, there are two games tonight. Both are on TNT.

First, there's the Milwaukee Bucks hosting the Chicago Bulls at 6pm CST. The Bulls are up 3-2 but have lost the last two games and suddenly the Bucks have all the momentum. Milwaukee will attempt to be the first NBA team to ever come back from down 3 games to win a playoff series.

The second game is obviously way more interesting to Rockets fans as it directly pertains to their second round opponent. The Spurs will look to take their series against the Clippers tonight in San Antonio. We'll see desperation from both teams, as the Clippers need the win to stay alive and the Spurs would rather win tonight and not have to deal with a Game 7 in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile on the backdrop of these games is the NFL Draft. If you want to discuss Houston Texans football or the Draft in general, we suggest you head over to Battle Red Blog.