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Dwight Howard's Suits: A definitive ranking

Even when Dwight Howard was injured he was bringing heat with his suits.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets are happy to have Dwight Howard back after he missed 26 games between January 23rd and March 25th. Despite his injury Howard was a regular presence on the Rockets bench. And he was bringing heat with his on-point suits which are part-GQ and part-Calvin Murphy.

On Sunday Howard dropped 22 points in only 23 minutes. It doesn't feel any better than that for Rockets fans. To celebrate Howard's evolving return to form here's a definitive ranking of the suits Dwight Howard wore while he was out.

Number 13: February 2, Milwaukee Bucks -- Pastel

20150206 -- Red Bucks

Number 12: February 23, Minnesota Timberwolves -- Slim Fit

 20150223 -- Blue TWolves

Number 11: February 8, Portland Trail Blazers -- Clark Kent

20150208 -- Navy Blue Blazers

Number 10: February 25, L.A. Clippers -- Accounts Receivable

Number 9: March 3, Atlanta Hawks -- Johnny Cash

Number 8: February 20, Dallas Mavericks -- Macklemore

Number 7: February 11, L.A. Clippers -- Also Macklemore

Number 6: February 27, Brooklyn Nets -- Prom Night

Number 5: March 23, Indiana Pacers -- GQ

Number 4: March 12, Utah Jazz -- Is That A Dress Shirt?

Number 3: January 25, L.A. Lakers -- Baby Blue

Number 2: February 10, Phoenix Suns -- Hot In The Streets

Number 1: April 5, Oklahoma City Thunder -- Red & Yellow