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Top 5 stories on the Houston Rockets this week

Awwwww we at it again.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

1. Sports Illustrated Ben Golliver shows us how an incomplete Rockets performance was still good enough for a gentleman's sweep.

2. One of my absolute favorite basketball writers, Jonathan Tjarks, wrote at Mavs Moneyball how Daryl Morey's team-building strategy put the Mavericks' moves to shame over the past half-decade.

3. Hey look, Dan Le Batard gave our man Chad Shanks a job... for two days. How generous.

4. Grantland's phenomenal NBA Roundup series took a Texas-sized turn earlier this week, and they touched on how awesome Josh Smith played for the Rockets.

5. It's not about the Rockets, but it is at the same time: Jared Dubin took a looooong, very worthwhile dive into communication on NBA defenses. Here's how I envision the Rockets' communication going:

"You good, Dwight?"

"I got you."

"K thx buddy."