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Rockets vs. Clippers game thread: Is optimism wrong?

Not quite sure how to feel about tonight.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

I feel very conflicted about tonight's Game 6 between the Rockets and Clippers. Obviously I want the Rockets to win.

But do I think they will win?

It's hard not to feel at least a little confident: after all, we got a great game from them on Tuesday night, when basically everyone played well. James Harden was a little under the weather -- he still might be, based on reports of his coughing during morning shootaround -- but everyone was knocking down shots, it seemed, and, more importantly, played their tail off.

At the same time, my word did they crap the bed in Los Angeles last time. The Clippers are still at full strength, a luxury the Rockets do not have, and still dangerous.

What are your predictions? My heart says 115-106 Rockets, but my brain says that should be flipped.