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Houston Rockets Top 5 stories this week

Oh, what a week it was.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

1. There were few lower points, as a Rockets fan, in the past 10 years than the feeling after Game 4 of this series. In the wake of the two-game debacle in Los Angeles,'s Houston-based Fran Blinebury -- who has done excellent and fair work covering the Rockets this year, had a frank but quite pessimistic assessment (and very negative toward Dwight Howardtake on the team's future.

2. Part of the problem in those games was James Harden's inability to get to the line. Kelly Scaletta, writing for Vantage Sports, broke down all of James Harden's shot attempts, foul shots and perceived "flops" in an incredible statistical analysis. Conclusion: the Beard's flopping reputation is undeserved. As we suspected. Corey Brewer on the other hand...

3. Finally, someone other than The Dream Shake is giving Daryl Morey love this year. Tom Ziller writes about Morey's shrewd maneuvering this year, and how hugely it paid off in Game 6.

4. An owner who has seen it before recognized championship fire and determination in the Rockets' comeback win.

5. The next NBA labor war is here, writes Kevin Draper for Deadspin.