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Dwight Howard suspended for first game of 2015-16 season

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

For those lucky enough to throw some cash down on the 12000:1 odds of Clint Capela being the starting center for the Houston Rockets season opener next season, congratulations.  The NBA has upgraded the common foul from Game 5 in the fourth quarter on Dwight Howard to a Flagrant 1.  This was Howard's fourth flagrant foul of the post season thus earning him the automatic one game suspension.

The foul came with about 3:55 left in the game.  Everyone assumed that it was a pretty cut and dry flagrant 1, but it was a common foul.  Andre Iguodala looked like he either had a separated shoulder or a broken collar bone from the pick that Howard had set on him. Iggy was able to continue to play after the review.

For those that don't remember what the play looked looked like here is a tweet from SportsCenter of the encounter.