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Five Things From Robert Horry's Guide: "How to be a big shot"

Robert Horry didn't hold back in his Players Tribune article, "How to be a Big Shot." We learned five things about Rudy T, Phil Jackson and the 1994 title team.

Coinciding with the NBA's release of their Clutch City documentary Robert Horry put pen to paper for a veritable exit interview of an essay for the Players' Tribune, "How to be big shot Bob."

Five Things We Learned From Robert Horry:

1. "Rudy Tomjanovich was the best coach I ever had..."

Strong words coming from a seven time NBA champion who also played for Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. Horry cited Rudy T's willingness to listen to players during games.

"If we ran a play and it worked, T would tell us to run it again. Phil not so much. Same with Pop. They are both great in their own right, but based on personal experience, T was the greatest NBA coach. I know he doesn't have nearly as many championships, but sometimes we give one person too much credit for titles."

2. The 1993 - 1994 Houston Rockets had a flight mysteriously delayed

After beating the Knicks in Madison Square Garden during the regular season run up to their first championship the Houston Rockets flight was mysteriously delayed.

"The whole city was so pissed that they did something I've never seen before in my career. The crew at the airport made us wait like two hours at the gate — no announcement, no updates, nothing. I swear to God, they had us sitting there for no good reason other than we just whooped the Knicks. We didn't get into Atlanta until 5 a.m. and the Hawks beat us by 25 that night."

Houston Rockets legend Robert Horry has seven NBA championships. So it's fitting

3. Robert Horry had a single conversation with Phil Jackson

Horry mockingly uses the phrase "Zen-Master" in his article. Possibly because Horry claims to have had one single only just that one time off-the-court conversation with Phil Jackson, who coached all three of Horry's Laker titles.

"You know how many off-court conversations I had with the Zen-Master Phil Jackson in my entire time with the Lakers? One. I was sitting in the trainer's room getting treatment and he was sitting on the table across from me... And that was it. We won three titles together. Go figure."

4. Horry downed some beers after getting "traded" by the Rockets for Sean Elliott

In the 1993-1994 season the Houston Rockets agreed to send Robert Horry and Matt Bullard to the Detroit Pistons for Sean Elliott. A kidney condition invalidated the trade sending Horry and Bullard back to an NBA championship. But not before Horry had a few beers at the Pistons expense while watching a game from the owner's box.

"I don't remember much after that. I got a call from my mom after the game. She was all concerned, like "Boy, were you drunk?" The TV camera had cut to me in the box and I guess I was practically slumped over. I've never been much of a drinker, but I was so hurt and disappointed that Houston traded me that I had a few beers."

5. Horry credits the Los Angeles Lakers for five of his NBA titles

The Los Angeles Lakers dropped Robert Horry after winning three titles. They picked up some guy named Karl Malone to replace him. It didn't produce immediate results for the Lakers, but Bob got his.

"So I remember looking at the smiling people from the Lakers' front office and thinking, "Man, you just wait. I'm gonna break ya'll hearts." I actually have five NBA titles thanks to the Lakers. Three from playing with the team, and two from them showing me the door."

Finally, Robert Horry has seven NBA titles and he dropped seven expletives in his article. To make sense of that, break out your Mayan calendar.

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