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TDS Podcast, Ep. 5: Talking playoffs, Sergio Llull and the NBA Draft

Ryan Dunsmore and Ethan Rothstein get back on the horn to discuss all the goings-on in Rockets world

The Dream Shake Podcast: Episode No. 5 -- June 24, 2015

The Dream Shake Podcast hibernation is over. The NBA season is over and the Warriors are champions, the team the Rockets fell just short against in the Western Conference Finals. The calendar moves forward now, and the NBA Draft is tomorrow. It's time for Daryl Morey to work his magic once again.

In episode five of The Dream Shake Podcast, writer Ryan Dunsmore and Editor Ethan Rothstein talk about:

  • Rockets playoff run
  • Warriors win the Championship and what that means for the Rockets
  • Sergio Llull
  • 2015 NBA Draft and the Rockets two draft picks

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