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Sam Dekker Will Play NBA Basketball, But First, That Lawn Needs Mowing

Also, please take out the trash before returning to the gym, if you could, Sam.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

There is little doubt that Rockets first round pick Sam Dekker, someday, will be able to leave the house for practice or a game, or a trip to a local eatery, perhaps, and pay someone else to handle house chores and exterior maintenance.

Today is not that day, because Mother Dekker needed some help.

Ladies, here is a future millionaire athlete who can still take time out to help his parents on the lawn, and just for fun, he will do it shirtless. I'm not sure what else you're looking for.

Carol, you've raised a fine Wisconsin gentleman. We can also appreciate you giving him a head start on one of life's finer traditions, NBA rookie hazing. Why don't you go over that patch near the bushes again, Sam, just for dear old mother?

Your move, Selena Harrell. Montrezl looks like he could carry the groceries.