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Dwight Howard goes to Astros game in your little brother's clothes

Dwight Howard is exercising his right to bare arms.


Dwight Howard isn't wearing your little brother's clothes at tonight's 3-1 Houston Astros win over the Baltimore Orioles... He's just such an enormous human-person-man-guy that the Rockets shop XL bro-tank fits like a wet suit:

Quick thoughts on this:

  1. Dwight attended a taping of WWE last night. Can you tell?
  2. The dude in LA who heckled Dwight is looking at this photo and saying to his friends "but I could get the first punch."
  3. This is a threat-level "guns out" situation.
  4. Have you ever seen a smaller box of regular size popcorn?
  5. The hat works. He's pulling it off right now.
  6. Good for Dwight being in Houston during the offseason. James Harden is in LA getting hounded by paparazzi about Lil B. Dwight Howard is hitting up the WWE and an Astros game. We approve.
  7. Where is the Dwight Howard and Jose Altuve picture. We need that to put in our scrapbook next to the photo of Yao Ming standing next to Aaron Brooks.