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"Clutch City" to premiere on NBA TV tonight

The night is finally here. Get your popcorn ready and relive the excitement of our last two championship teams, the '94 and '95 Houston Rockets.

NBA Films premieres their newest documentary this evening on NBA TV, covering the most interesting subject-matter yet, (Not that we're biased.) "Clutch City" will take viewers through the trials and tribulations of the Houston Rockets championship teams from the 1993-94 and 1994-95 seasons.

I've seen the film and it's an absolute treat for viewers to re-visit -- or for younger audiences to experience for the first time -- how incredible it was for those teams to get where they did.

The Dream Shake got a chance to talk with some former Rockets greats about those teams.  Here's what they had to say:

Rudy Tomjanovich on being a believer:

"We did some things that were pretty special when our backs were against the wall. Once you go through an elimination game and you understand how it works and how you depend on other people and the feeling you have when you're apart of that; we did that 8 times in a row in 2 seasons. I'll always be a believer after that."

Sam Cassell on winning:

"Being the 24th player picked my rookie year, I don't think nobody knew about me. Rudy called my name amongst the people, I don't know what kind of reception I got. I know It wasn't good, it was decent....I just tried to play the game. I didn't know what it meant to win but we win that first championship and I seen Hakeem and Mario and Robert get a championship, I was just glad to be a part of it. But then the next year Clyde came in and he had the locker next to me, he had a Clutch City poster and he said 'this is here because I'm gonna get me one of these.' I thought, ‘geez Clyde it's just a poster.' But no, he used it as a reminder."

Mario Elie on Vernon Maxwell:

"Vernon was nuts but we loved him, man. I love that dude, man. Big shots, not afraid of the moment. In the year and a half I played with him he made 7 or 8 shots to either win or tie the game. I know he left on bad terms but Vernon is a terrific individual and it's good to see the city forgave him. People take things personal sometimes but it's easy to forget that this is business. I'm glad to see they love him in Houston again and it's good to see Max back."

Robert Horry on what made these rings different from his other five:

"The fact that it was early in my career, I just so happened to be in the NBA. You're not thinking about championships, you're just trying to make your mark. But then you got these guys who have been to the finals, who haven't won a championship. It changes your whole mental. You go from trying to fit in to trying to win. It puts a taste in your mouth and you become an addict. You become addicted to winning championships and you just want more."

Relive the glory, including interviews from these players and more, tonight June 8th on NBA TV at 9 pm ET.