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New Rockets uniforms leak, including awesome Clutch City jersey

The authority in getting sneak peaks at jerseys has given us a preview of what we can expect for the 2015-16 season.


Four new Houston Rockets jerseys have apparently leaked, including a slightly altered main jersey and what's sure to be a top-seller, a "Clutch City" uniform.

Uniwatch has leaked a document that probably comes from the National Basketball Association to various vendors who supply NBA apparel to customers such as you and I.

The first is in the second row, first box: it's an updated main jersey. The collars are thinner and it looks like the grey collar on the red jersey may be going away completely.

My least favorite of these new looks can be found in the second row also, between the white Miami jersey and the red OKC jersey. It's predominantly black and gray, with Rockets in red and some white on the shorts. It also has sleeves. Let's move on.

On the bottom in the stretch box, the Chinese New Year jersey got a slight update and improvement by dropping the sleeves.

The one you should be most excited about is in the third row, the pride jersey section. If you can't tell what it is because it is a little blurry. Yes, it is happening. Those, my friends, are in fact... CLUTCH CITY JERSEYS!!!! They have the championship era color scheme, a modernized font and for the most part are pretty awesome-looking. Except the sleeves (unless you're into that sort of thing).

Here is also some fan designed concept jerseys via Reddit.

Sound off on what your favorites are in the comments.

Edit: This was leaked on Reddit before Uniwatch got to it.