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Patrick Beverley Back On Four-Year, $25m Deal

Agitator-in-chief Patrick Beverley is the Houston Rockets starting point guard on a four-year, $25 million contract agreed to today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Agitator-in-chief Patrick Beverley isn't going anywhere. The Houston Rockets point guard agreed today to a new four-year, $25 million contract worthy of a Woj bomb, don't expect too many more of those for the Rockets this off-season:

Patrick Beverley was arguably the missing piece in a Rockets playoff run forcing them to matchup with Steph Curry, Chris Paul and JJ Barea (who lit up the Rockets for stretches).

Beverley, a restricted free agent, was courted by the New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks. The Rockets made Beverley a qualifying offer on the opening day of free agency to retain the ability to match any offer from another team. It never came to that.

The Rockets were able to sign Beverley to a four-year deal with $18 million guaranteed over the first three years according to Marc Stein:

Daryl Morey took a chance on Beverley who made a name for himself in the NBA with a nose for defense, an endless amount of energy and that Russell Westbrook thing a few years ago (that's all we'll say about it).

The agreement shouldn't come as a surprise after the Rockets failed to bring Spanish point guard Sergio Llull to Houston and the front office passed on drafting a point guard.

Also, there was celebrating: