Rockets Would Be Smart to make these Trades!

I just want to start off by saying I am a really patient guy. I've been waiting for the Rockets to do something in free agency for a while now. Yeah I know they brought back Patrick Beverley and Corey Brewer. While I am glad both of those guys are back, I have to ask is it enough?

We have seen the Spurs add Lamarcus Aldridge and David West, Oklahoma City is getting healthier by the minute, and the Clippers just got Paul Pierce and Lance Stephenson. While Lance Stephenson had a terrible year with the Hornets, I honestly believe he will turn it around this season with a pretty good Clippers team. So again I will ask, is what the Rockets have done this offseason enough to get us to a championship? We still have not re-signed Josh Smith, we still have not addressed the fact that JAMES HARDEN has asked for another ball handler on this team, and there is still the KJ McDaniels situation as well. Hopefully all of these issues will be addressed before the season actually starts in three months and counting.

Until then I have decided to play a little GM myself. So the Rockets right now have 13 players on the payroll and are waiting on a 14th in Corey Brewer. We have the following players signed:







Dwight Howard



James Harden




Trevor Ariza




Corey Brewer




Patrick Beverley





Kostas Papanikolaou



Terrence Jones



Donatas Motiejunas



Pablo Prigioni


Sam Dekker (cap hold)


Clint Capela





K.J. McDaniels


Joey Dorsey


Nick Johnson




Guaranteed Total:




That leaves us with about $2.49 million left over to go get Josh Smith or KJ McDaniels and Montrezl Harrell. The Rockets will probably have a decision to make between Smith or McDaniels. Right now they do not have the necessary cap space to bring back both. As of now my money is on re-signing Josh Smith. McDaniels was hardly used after we traded for him. Granted he was injured at the end of the season but I don't really see a spot for him in this rotation, especially with Dekker in the fold. Josh Smith however helped us get to the Western Conference finals and had a huge impact on the team as soon as he got here.

We currently have three power forwards on the roster with D-Mo, Terrence Jones, and Montrezl Harrell. If we add Josh Smith to the mix there is no way we get all of them playing time. Adding Josh Smith also gets us to 15 players and that is without having Harrell signed as well. That is why I am expecting Daryl Morey to make a trade before the season starts. That being said here are a few trades that the Rockets could make;

1. Ty Lawson

Bros, together at last!

If there’s a star available, Daryl Morey is interested. The Rockets have been going to war with Patrick Beverley as their floor general for the past two years, but how much scarier would they become with Lawson running next to James Harden? If Morey strikes out with Aldridge, adding Lawson could be a nice consolation, especially since the spike in TV money will free up more cap space next summer. Would Denver do much better than something like Terrence Jones, Sam Dekker, and a future first-rounder? Probably not.

2. DJ Augustin and Anthony Morrow

Augustin and Morrow

Enes Kanter, who is a restricted free agent, has just been offered a four year $70 million max contract from the Portland Trail Blazers. If they decide to match the Thunder will have to move Augustin, Novak, and probably Anthony Morrow. That being said, here is the perfect opportunity to grab a shooter and a backup point guard who is capable of handling the ball and making plays. We would only have to give them Kostas Papanikolau, Joey Dorsey, and Prigioni. I tried to do a straight up swap for just Augustin for Papanikolau and it would not work so I had to throw in Prigioni and Dorsey. That being said getting Anthony Morrow along with Augustin is just a win for us. The dude knows how to shoot the ball. They then of course could cut all three because all of their contracts are not guaranteed. It works for both teams and more importantly it gives the Rockets a shooter and a backup PG. I would definitely be down for this trade.

3. Marcus Smart and Tyler Zeller

Smart and Zeller

I keep hearing rumors about the Celtics shopping Marcus Smart. They drafted another PG this year in Terry Rozier and they already have Isaiah Thomas so I could see them doing it. I am not sure how Smart would fit next to Harden but I know that he can play defense and make plays. Here would be a perfect opportunity to maybe grab a young and up and coming star at a low price. By offering up Terrence Jones we do two things; 1. We clear space at the 4 spot for Josh Smith, D-Mo, and Harrell. 2. We get Smart on a rookie deal and are able to keep D-Mo next season as well. Getting Zeller is just an added bonus, he is a big man who can block shots and help us out if Howard or Capela go down with injury.

4. Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio is another name that I keep hearing pop up with rumors of him being traded to the Rockets. I am not sure how this deal would work but in order for the salaries to match here you would have to send out Papanikolau, Jones, Johnson, Prigioni, Dorsey, and I am almost certain that they would ask for a draft pick or two. Would the Timberwolves take that trade? I am not sure…it looks to me like they are trying to get younger and they just drafted Karl Anthony Towns and already have Pekovic, Garnett, and Deng. It seems to me though that they do have a backcourt jam with the drafting of Tyus Jones and Zach Lavine from last season. Of course again, the Timberwolves could just as easily cut Prigioni and Dorsey and keep Jones and Papanikolau if they wanted. Just like the Lawson trade this one is probably too expensive for our taste, so I doubt it happens.

Out of all of the trades that I have suggested I guess the most likely would probably be the Augustin and Morrow trade. It is a safe bet because we know that Augustin knows how to run the point and adding Morrow gets us another shooter to take the place of Terry. I really would love to get Ty Lawson though. Just picturing him next to Howard and Harden makes me extremely excited. Just think about all of the lobs and no look passes. It would be really awesome in my opinion. Not to mention it would get us back in the conversation for championship contender easily. What do you guys think? Are my trades really out there? Do you have other trades that you would like to see the Rockets make? Comment below.

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