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Markieff Morris wants to be traded to the Rockets

Apparently Marcus had good enough things to say for his disgruntled twin to want to play for the Rockets.

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Phoenix Suns forward Markieff Morris is in the midst of one of the most brazen trade demands in recent memory, and he wants the F out of Phoenix. One of the places he'd be amendable to is Houston. The Rockets drafted his twin brother Marcus (exactly one pick after he was drafted) and he reportedly wants to play with James Harden (who doesn't?).

There are two big questions at play here. First, do the Rockets want him? Second, can they conceivably get him?

Keef and Marcus are both facing felony assault charges for their part in an alleged gang assault in January in Phoenix. The victim claims he was punched and kicked repeatedly, including being held down on the ground and kicked. It's a vicious assault, and one that is very much still working its way through the judicial system.

The Rockets already took on heavy, heavy baggage this offseason when they traded for Ty Lawson, repeated DUI offender and alcoholic. He was just recently released from rehab. Lawson was, by all accounts, a genial guy and still has lots of friends in Denver. Morris is a popular figure in the Suns locker room, but genial... yeah, that's not him.

Furthermore, Donatas Motiejunas and Terrence Jones are cheap contracts this year and are restricted free agents next year. They are good players who know Kevin McHale's system. Morris makes $8 million over the next four years. Which should be a very affordable contract under the new TV deal, and that rate is locked in.

Morris is a solid player in his own right. He averaged 15.3/6.2/2.3 last year, but shot just 31.5 percent from three-point range. Jones hit 35 percent from deep last year (just 37 attempts) and Donuts hit 36.8 percent of his threes last year. The Rockets have better, bigger stretch 4s on the roster already.

The above evidence makes the second question irrelevant, but here goes: the Rockets are firmly over the cap. They have to give up more than Jones and D-Mo's salaries combined to acquire Morris. There's no other player on the Rockets who it makes sense to give up in a deal.

Keef can curse and moan all he wants, but I don't see an avenue for him coming to Houston. And frankly, considering he's an accused assaulter and known malcontent who may someday try to force his way off the next team, I wouldn't want him here anyway.