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Daryl Morey says Rockets point guards are 'deepest of any team I've had'

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Rockets GM Daryl Morey was on the Proper Gentlemen of Sports radio show on SportsTalk 790 FM on Thursday, to promote Shane Battier's Clutch City Battioke event on September 17 (with special guest Roger Clemens[?!]). But while he was on the air, he was asked how he was feeling about Ty Lawson, the newest and most interesting Rocket.

Feeling very good. The players organized, led by James Harden and Jason Terry, led them getting together for the entire week last week in L.A. Whereas team officials are allowed to watch, we can’t really do anything, but we were there to watch and support him. Ty was there everyday and looked great. You know who else looked great though? It’s Pat Beverley.

Pat’s been down about 10-15 pounds, looks like in amazing shape. Having those two at our point guard position, it’ll be the deepest of any team I’ve had for sure.

First and foremost, it's encouraging that Lawson is already with the team, playing with them and being around them. For everyone's sake, he needs to feel close to the players on the roster, to know that he has a support system around him. For anyone suffering psychological problems, knowing you're not alone is one of the most important steps to recovery.

But Morey's got strong words about Beverley, and his guard depth in general. The "best shape of his life" trope is well-worn, and doesn't inherently mean anything. (It could, but there's no way to know now.) But remember, Daryl Morey was the GM of this team when it had Kyle Lowry and Goran Dragic on the same roster, and now those two are borderline All-Stars. Neither of them had fully come into their own at the time, but still: that PG rotation would be the envy of the entire league this year.

Morey's not one to mince words, and he's always thought highly of his roster, but it's a bold statement regardless. We know how good Lawson can be, so Morey's comments reflect more on where he thinks Beverley's at right now. If Pat can stay healthy next year and make incremental improvement from the three-point line, it's very plausible he could take a step forward. Now it's Kevin McHale's job to put he and Lawson in the right positions to succeed.