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Watch James Harden yell SWAG!!!! at TMZ

The Beard is just a happy, rich, 26-year-old.


James Harden is living it up these days. Good for him. He's mind-blowingly wealthy, one of the top 5 basketball players in the world right now, and in the last two weeks before training camp begins.

He proved last year he's a tireless offseason worker may improve his game again this year. He has also proven that he fucking loves to party. And why not? Partying rules. And, unlike out-of-town athletes of color, Houston cops know better than to arrest him for resisting arrest and no other charges. So live it up, James.

via TMZ (h/t SB NationHere's what the reporter is referring to, by the way.

Also worth noting: The Beard seems to be a happy drunk, not the "say something that's going to get you in trouble" kind of drinker. Thank goodness, because he's a hell of a lot more in the public eye than last year, for more than one reason.