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Shane Battier and Daryl Morey perform duet from 'Wicked'

They must have spent a lot of time rehearsing because this is Broadway worthy. Alright...maybe Off-Off-Broadway.

Former Rocket and current ESPN commentator Shane Battier held his annual "Battioke" fundraising dinner for his Take Charge Foundation. Battier gathered up all his famous friends, and Daryl Morey, to sing some up some money for college scholarships.

Morey and Battier's "Wicked" duet, complete with a PowerPoint that they clearly worked really hard on, was the performance of the night.

Who knew Morey had it in him? Also, he looks beautiful as Glinda the Good. He really pulled it off.

LeBron James' performance of "Back Dat Azz Up" previously held the title for the best #Battioke set. However, the pink dress might give Battier and Morey the edge over King James. #Dethroned.

Shane Battier and Daryl Morey ladies and gents. #battioke

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