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Dwight Howard brought a loaded gun to Bush Airport and is totally in the clear


Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Dwight Howard almost brought a loaded gun onto a plane last week, per TMZ, but he didn't because metal detectors are a thing. He wasn't arrested, because in Texas, gun laws are barely a thing at all.

Many people, and states, would be all "Holy shit, there's someone with a loaded gun trying to get on this plane!" In Texas, this is what is called "an honest mistake." Dwight told security he forgot the Glock with a bullet in the chamber was in his bag, called up a friend, and said friend took the gun with him. Dwight got on the flight, no biggie.

I don't want to get in a conversation about guns here because I'm not an idiot and this is neither the place nor time for me to commit Internet seppuku (no matter where you stand on this issue). I will say that, because of the gun culture and laws in Texas, this was rightly treated as not a big deal. There are lots of guns in the state, and you can take them pretty much anywhere. Except, you know, on a plane to somewhere else. So the idea of forgetting a loaded gun is in a bag or on your person is a lot more plausible for a Houston resident like Dwight than a New Yorker or Californian.

Dwight is already going to be suspended for the season opener for fouls committed in the playoffs. Ty Lawson will probably be suspended that game and maybe longer. Lawson made multiple dangerous mistakes. Dwight Howard just made a less serious, but still dangerous one. Forgetting a loaded gun is anywhere is dumb: it can be used to kill people, so keep track of it, kind sir. Daryl Morey executed his offseason with mistake-free precision. Let's hope the Rockets players can do the same for the final two months before the season.