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James Harden throws solid first pitch to Dallas Keuchel

B+ for the Beard

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

James Harden threw out the ceremonial first pitch today at Minute Maid Park to another bearded Houston lefty athlete, Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel.

Was Harden's first pitch so pristine, so perfect, that ESPN 30 for 30 will do a 15-minute documentary about it? Probably not, although they're going to run out of subject matter for those things sooner or later. But it was eons better than 50 CentCarly Rae Jepsen and fellow NBA All-Star John Wall's offerings.

Harden had promised to throw a strike though, so...

Throwing out a first pitch, especially as a non-ballplayer, has got to be one of the most nerve-racking things one can do. It helps that it was a weekday day game — good lord were those stands empty — but good to know Harden hasn't lost his knack for performing under pressure.

Six days until training camp and real basketball stuff happens.