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TDS Podcast, Ep. 8: Rockets off-season, starting five, and Moses Malone

Ryan Dunsmore, Ethan Rothstein, and Max Croes talk about the Rockets off season moves, the starting five, and Moses Malone.

The Dream Shake Podcast: Episode No. 8

Hosts: Ryan Dunsmore, Ethan Rothstein, and Max Croes

We're back from outer space, we just walked in to find you sad without Rockets basketball -- or something like that. We're still working out the kinks before the season starts, but a new podcast was well over due. In honor of that, we had Max Croes on for the podcast. There was plenty to talk about on the podcast:

  • Review of Rockets off season moves
  • Montrezl Harrell signing
  • Rockets starting five
  • Confidence coming into the season
  • The passing of Moses Malone

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