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Ty Lawson's first press conference as a Houston Rocket

He only talked for 10 minutes, but he had a lot to say.


With the season just a month away and training camp beginning tomorrow, the Houston Rockets are holding their official Media Day today. Alhough this usually just means cheesy pictures of players and often rehearsed answers in press conferences, today the Houston faithful got their first look at Ty Lawson in a Rockets uniform. In a brief press conference, Ty had a lot to say.

The city of Houston's reaction to the trade was almost overwhelmingly positive, and Lawson took note of this.

"I think I look good in white and red," he said. "I'm glad to be here. The city's showing me a lot of love." When asked later about the trade, Lawson said, "Everybody likes a fresh start. Different scenery. Different people. I enjoy having a fresh start."

When asked about fitting in and what he could bring to the team, Lawson's sentiment mirrored that of his coach.

"[I can bring] a lot of energy. Coach likes the pace to be pushed, I can do that, just another playmaker, James doesn't have to make every play down the stretch. Anything they want me to do."

Lawson also made a point of mentioning how he will fit in with the returning backcourt, saying that he is excited to practice with Patrick Beverley every day, especially considering his defense. And further, Lawson added that his fit with James Harden will be better than expected, saying, "I like playing off the ball too, down screens. I like having when a man is closing out to me. When James has the ball, I can just be ready. James can pass I can be the second penetrator and find someone else."

On his own accord, Lawson also mentioned how excited he was to play (again) with TDS favorite, Corey Brewer. "I love Brew. Brew's my man. He likes to get up and down. He's one of the fastest players I've played with."

Ty also had lots of positive things to say about Kevin McHale, mentioning that he's a player's coach and that he had only given Lawson two rules: "Play hard, and be on time."

With all of his offseason controversy, Lawson was also asked about where he stands mentally for the upcoming season as opposed to last season. "Last year," said Ty, "I think just with losing last year. I'm in a different mindset this year. I'll just be more focused. I also don't want to let my teammates down. I don't want to let nobody down." When asked later if there was anyone he was leaned on during his tougher times, Lawson mentioned Keith Stevens, his middle school basketball coach, saying, "I just talk to him, that's my guy. He's the one who tells me-- he keeps it real. There's not to many people who will tell you that. If I need any help, I'll talk to him."

Ty Lawson seemed to understand the position that he and the Houston Rockets are in. He mentioned early that he believes he could get them over the hump, adding later that he agreed the team is being a little overlooked and underrated. The gravity of the situation is not lost on him. "This is huge for my career," he said. "This is a huge turning point. It's 'what type of player are you going to be, Ty?' If you don't win a championship as a point guard, you're not really one of the best point guards out there. So this is my chance to prove it."

Finally, Lawson was asked if Kevin McHale and Daryl Morey needed any convincing that he was on the right path following the trade. "Once we made the trade, there wasn't too much convincing. They know where I'm at." As the press conference ended, Lawson added, "I know they know where my head's at."