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Patrick Beverley is ready to harass the league again for the Rockets

Patrick Beverley sees himself as a defensive player this year with Ty Lawson in the fold.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This upcoming season the Rockets will allow Patrick Beverley to do what Beverley does best: be a defensive madman.

During the Rockets media day, Beverley shared a little bit about the roles this year for the two point guards.

"Me and Ty (Lawson) are two different point guards," Beverley said "Ty’s your original point guard, playmaker, get in the paint make everybody better and I'm the opposite. I'm kinda like the defensive specialist this year,"

In football, teams that have two good running backs — one the big and bruising back, the other quick and speedy — call the pair "Thunder and Lightning." Rockets fans will have to now think of what to call this new duo. Lawson is your score/pass-first point guard, then Beverley your super aggressive pit bull on defense. My vote is for Jekyll and Hyde, but I feel Red Nation will overrule me.

"I know we are going to give guards hell," Beverley said, even going as far to agreeing that the addition of Lawson allows him to be even more aggressive than what we are used to seeing.

Beverley last year finished the season with a 1.8 in defensive win shares (only played 56 games, he's better than the 1.8 shows) and Lawson finished the season with a 6.0 in offensive wins shares which was good enough for a top 15 finish in the NBA last year. Beverley is right: they will be quite a handful for opposing point guards.

One of the themes of the day throughout media day was the lineup flexibility that Kevin McHale has going forward.

"In the team that we have with the different dynamics were going to be able to play together," Beverley said "It's forcing me guard some twos, forcing me to guard some bigger players like that,"

There is a very real chance that you could see Dwight Howard, Trevor Ariza, James Harden, Beverley and Lawson on the floor at the same time. That lineup is scary, and that five can create a lot of different mismatches and looks that will make coaches really scheme and plan for the Rockets.

Two seasons ago, Beverley finished on the NBA All-Defensive team. This season, with Beverley openly excited to focus more on the defensive end, we could see a return to the NBA All-Defensive team form.