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Summer League Rocket Christian Wood signs with the Philadelphia 76ers

This ends any hopes of bringing Wood into Rockets training camp.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Even though the Houston Rockets' roster is surprisingly deep, they still have room before the start of the season for a 15th man on their roster, as well as the opportunity to find a hiddem gem to stash in the Rio Grande Valley. Until today, Christian Wood looked like a candidate to find a place somewhere in the Rockets' organization.

Once projected to be a late first-round pick, the 6'11 Wood went undrafted and played in the Las Vegas Summer League, but he's been signed to a partially-guaranteed, four-year contract by the Philadelphia 76ers, as reported by the Las Vegas Sun. He played college ball in UNLV, and averaged a double-double as a sophomore before declaring for the draft.

The talent is definitely there, but questions of fitness and commitment apparently torpedoed his draft stock, and his summer league showing wasn't all that impressive for the Rockets. He averaged only 34 percent shooting in four games in Vegas, which is nowhere near what's required of a power forward. Still, that's not nearly enough to shut the door on a player's career, and the Sixers have the time and resources to give Wood a shot.

He may not turn into anything, but if Christian Wood becomes a real player, there will be a shade of "What if?" for Rockets fans.